Sia Hurtigkarl is a Copenhagen based designer with a practice focused on objects, textiles and installations.

“I perceive design as a medium of translation. In my practice I translate narratives into material stories, and create objects for discourse and empowerment.”

With the narrative at the forefront of her practice she seeks inspiration in human culture, rituals and local material matters. Her work is often motivated by issues or tendencies in present society.

Through her work she experiments with various materials and craftsmanship. However, textiles are always essential to Sia’s design practice and her perception of materials.

Sia creates designs in her own brand name as well as working as a freelance designer creating new designs for established brands.

“I enjoy working with brand specific designs which communicate the brand's identity by capturing the essence of its vision or aesthetics.”

Next to her practice as a designer, Sia works with curation and art direction. Both within the field of design as well as one of four founders and curators of the collective pro

Pro creates temporary exhibitions in between pre scheduled activities in institutions, galleries and exhibition spaces. The collective is specialized in exposure of underexposed artists and site specific exhibitions which touch upon themes relevant to the space.

“Working with curation adds another dimension to my work – It broadens my perspective and contributes to my knowledge of tendencies and new vibrations of the contemporary creative community.”

For commissions, further information or feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch.


2023 (DK)
Stem, Edition 1 Take 2 Exhibition, inter.pblc

2023 (DK)
The Mindcraft Project, 

2023 (DE)

2023 (DK)
NoDE, House of Nordic Design, 3daysofdesign 

2023 (DK)
The Living City, Studio BRIQ, 3daysofdesign

2023 (DK)
Ungt Dansk Design for Ukraine, charity auktion
2023 (DK)
Special Edition - SPORT, Kunst På Arbejdet

2023 (DK)
Trapholt Collect23, Trapholt
2022 (DK)
Guest Workers, Designmuseum Danmark

2021 (DK)
Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling

2021 (DK)
Sense of Urgency, 3daysofdesign
2021 (DK)
Aiayu Creatives at 3daysofdesign
2020 (DK)
Ukurant, 3daysofdesign
2020 (DK)
FAN OUT, CPH Fashion Week

2018 (NL)
G-18, Dutch Design Week
2019 (UA)
Creascope Kyiv
2018 (F)
FOLKLORE - Trend Union, Paris

2015 (NL)
Material Matters, Dutch Design Week


2023 (DK)
Design Awards, Creative of The Year, nominated

2023 (NP, IND)
Residency - From Textile Masters to New Talent

2023, 2022, 2019 (DK)
Statens Kunstfond, working grant, new talents 

2023, 2022 (DK)
Statens Kunstfond, project grant

2022 (DK)
Danish Design Award, New Talent, nominated

2022 (DK)
Danish Design Award, Message Understood, winner

2022 (DK)
National Bankens Jubilæumsfond 

2021 (DK)
Klint Fonden 

2021 & 2015 (DK)
Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond

2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2915 (DK)
HFK’s Textilhandlerforeningen København

2021 (DK)
Statens Kunstfond, public summer activities 

2021 (DK)
Månssons Legatet

2021 (DK)
Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, KE-prisen, nominated

2018 (NL)
Melkweg Award, nominated
2018 (DK)
Cum Laude Graduate (with honors), Design Academy Eindhoven 


MA 2019-2021
Royal Danish Academy – Design, Object & Furniture
BA 2014-2018
Design Academy Eindhoven, Man and Identity 
Minor in textiles - Textilemuseum Tilburg, EE Labels and DAE

Photos by Andrea Bisgaard Rørly