Client / year / role

SH / 2020 / designer

Fellah is a hollow wicker stool for storage and diverse levels of seeding. The individual baskets can be stacked in various combinations either directly on the floor or placed in the stool frame. The strong combination of woven rattan and bended wood maintain a hollow construction which allows room for storage inside the baskets. Each basket has removable cushioned seating.

The design is inspired by the silhouette of fellah – the female farmers of ancient Egypt – often visualized carrying large rounded earthenware on her head. The rounded pottery had an efficient cooling effect on liquids and was placed in stands when not in use.The design aims to translate ancient Egyptian culture into a contemporary design and is the result of the collaboration between Pia Rasmussen, Sia Hurtigkarl and a team of local Egyptian craftsmen from Pinocchio (EG).

Photos by Anders Nyberg